About us

The founder, Monica Trosselly, architect by profession, is specialized in interior design and passionate about interior visual merchandising. She founded the company in December 2017 and decided to innovate in France using the concept of artistic decoration with a new product : Paper Flowers.

Monica Designer Creation is a paper art studio that designs and creates bespoke floral art projects.

« My work and inspiration is reflected in my magnificent floral paper creations and their infinite possibilities ». These paper flowers are specially adapted to enhance boutique shop windows, hotels, reception venues, private or even fashion parade designs.
My projects have been installed in luxury hotels (Geneva and Monaco) and retail spaces. I propose either :

  • Turnkey creations where I manage the creation, the fabrication and the installation
  • ­Specific creations to meet the demands of the Visual Merchandising teams.

Created with excellent quality paper, our flowers are long‐lasting and each petal is carefully and individually hand‐crafted.

According to your set design and layout requirements, my flowers can be meticulously small, large or majestic. Furthermore they can be suspended, mounted on stems or any other types of supports.

OUR SECRET GARDEN… is a poetic way of presenting our projects. You will be seduced in discovering in each decoration a unique and elegant atmosphere, which will resonate personally with each client. The slightest detail is important; the ambience created brings a sense of magic.


Our raw material - Our paper

We collaborate with highly professional companies that produce excellent quality paper. Our suppliers are committed to respecting the environment, recycling and eco-­responsibility. These values are respected in our work.

We offer 125 different colours. The range of weights and sheet sizes allow us to adapt each of our projects in a flexible and durable way.


Tasteful, personalised furniture, natural lighting, a striking sign, reflected colours and our paper flowers …will make your product and your decoration in your boutique both coherent and unique to your brand.



“An original and personalised decoration is a key element to seduce your clients. »

Your clients appreciate hotels with their own identity. This is where we step in and we propose concrete solutions for the layout and decoration of different areas in each hotel. Our designs are elegant, original and innovative. We are committed to respecting the regulations of each establishment and our safety parameters are in line with the expectations of our clients.


« Home is where the heart is »

Our commitment is to embellish your living spaces, give you advice, make models, and together, choose colour tones and the types of flowers that best match your personal style.



« A photograph is a  fragment of time that will not come back”

We make custom-made flowers to immortalise the moment…

  • Creating a flower in the shape of a hat for new photo shoots
  • Art
  • Making giant flowers for newborn photo shoots.
  • Production/Making hat-shaped, long-stemmed flowers for mother and daughter photo shoots.
  • Creating and decorating scenography for Christmas photo shoots.

Shopping centers

Decorating different spaces of a shopping centre gallery is for us a highly important undertaking. For special events, we will accompany and support the group to convey a specific message. The layout of the different spaces will provide a more emotional atmosphere to the clients. The personalisation with differents themes, colours, designs and shape are our endeavours that we will deliver when it comes to the task of decorating.



The event is organised by a company or an organisation to mark a special occasions ; (merger, launch, anniversary, turning point).
Our commitment is to decorate and personalise each event with a study of different colours, shapes and sizes. Communication, responsiveness and rigour are qualities that we promise to deliver to make your special moment unique and creative.